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Haunted Happenstance

May 22, 2020

What happens when you've been forced to stay home, but home has grown to be the last place you'd like to stay?  You take as much time as you can before going back...

May 17, 2020

So many are trying to do what they can to help out during this pandemic, and some have found distraction and production in pulling out their dusty sewing machines and making masks.  In this shorter tale, two roommates do what they can to help, and just stay safe, and alive during self-isolation.

May 12, 2020

This next short little spook takes place in a neighborhood Jennifer knows well -- but we'll hear about it from Trish, and her townhouse neighbor Connor.

Special thanks to listener Jules Anne for providing the name of a  character in this Quaran-teeny! She also wins an e-copy of the Anthology "Asylum" of which listener...

May 7, 2020

People are stuck home, they're watching a lot of tv, they're getting a lot of grandiose ideas about their prospective know how this often goes terribly awry...

May 2, 2020

Our second "Quaran-teeny" touches on one of all of our biggest nightmares right now --- running out of toilet paper! Join Jack as he does a little at-home amateur ghost-hunting to catch the spirit who he believes is stealing his precious commode-ity!