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Haunted Happenstance

Oct 29, 2021

It's Halloween time at Birchwood Ridge, and the residents of the community have a few seasonal issues hanging over them.  But don't we all?

Sep 14, 2021

The podcast turns 3 today! To celebrate, we've got a bonus episode chronicling three ghostly encounters at the cabin!

Aug 13, 2021

It's Episode 13, and just like in Season 1, this one has a bit of a different perspective.  Enjoy a look at the Lofts and the Ridge through a lower set of eyes.

Jul 4, 2021

In observance of Independence Day, we're going to visit some of my favorite haunts of Philadelphia - including many of those from the founding souls of our the country!

Jun 21, 2021

We're back in the woods at the Ridge, and we're picking back up a story from last fall, one that was ended abruptly thanks to a zoom glitch, or was it? ;)