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Haunted Happenstance

Nov 1, 2023

It's Halloween, and I'm at the cabin for a little spooky encounter!

Oct 2, 2023

We're back up at the Ridge after a very wet and dreary summer, with fall just on the horizon.  Time to chat with the ladies, this time around, Eevie, Teeghan, Noelle, Jennifer, and one new voice as well!

Jun 4, 2023

Jennifer and the rest of the Boston-based neighbors have some catching up to do, and it seems, some spooky plans to make.

May 24, 2023

We were asked to take part in a special collaboration and could not have been more excited to do so! 

In this episode you'll hear snippets from so many amazing shows including They're Not Shadows, Ghost Story Guys, Real Life Ghost Stories, We Need To Talk About Ghosts, Souther Gothic, It's Haunted, What Now?, You Can...

Mar 25, 2023

We're back in the mountains to catch up with those we know best, and some we likely don't know at all.


This episode begins with a small tribute to a listener and friend of the show, who we sadly lost recently.  Nan Gardner was a kindred spirit who is already truly missed.